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About Wholesale Hearing

How Wholesale Hearing WorksThe core aim of Wholesale Hearing is to help people find the best hearing solution, at an affordable price.

We can save you thousands and do this through battling hard with suppliers and wherever we can, buying in bulk – we then pass the savings on to you directly. Our team have over 90 years combined experience in the hearing care market and are tired of seeing patients have to go second best because top level technology can be extremely expensive.

How It Works

We are often asked "how are your prices so low?".

The answer is simple. Most hearing aid retailers sell you hearing aids and retuning/aftercare services as one combined price. They seldom break down this into the individual components.

Here at Wholesale Hearing, we only sell you the hearing aids programmed to your audiogram at the time of order. 

With that extra saving, do you think you will be able to find a local hearing aid shop to help with ongoing tuning when required? We believe so and are happy to help you find a provider close to you no matter where you are in the world. 

We recommend getting solid professional advice

Which? magazine - a market leading in consumer focussed magazine regularly checks the hearing aid market and surveys consumers. They produce reports which place independent hearing aid dispensers or audiologists at the top of their satisfaction studies. 

We too recommend that you use independent retaillers and are more than happy to find a specialist in your area who can give you the aftercare you require to get the very best from your hearing aid purchase. 

The key difference with us is that we want to create a completely transparent and relevent offering to our customers. Meaning you get to see exactly what you are paying for. 

As a guideline, we recommend having a full hearing assessment taken by a reputable specialist. This will help identify if you are a candidate for a hearing aid, and rule out any necessary need for referral to a medical specialist.

They may even provide you with a recommendation as to what hearing aid type would suit you best.

You can then purchase on Wholesale Hearing's website and get an incredible price for the hearing aid you want and we can guide you with our helpful in house audiologists. 

Once you provide us with your hearing test results, we will program your hearing aids to your specific wants and needs. This inital programming will work well for you but for best results we recommend visiting a local specialist to have your fitting verified with "real ear measurements" and with speech assessment to ensure you get the most accurate fitting for your hearing loss. On going aftercare can then be undertaken on a pay per visit basis. 

You may have to pay for these services and we can offer you guideline prices on what you may expect to pay.

For example

Hearing assessment £80

Fitting using real ear measurements £150

Follow up or aftercare appointments £50 - £100 

We believe that the best success comes from getting the best devices and working well with a professional who is competent and that you trust. So many times we have been told that patients stopped going to their existing audiologists because of poor service or feeling that they were just a number. We are building a growing network of trusted audiologists that you can be linked up with who will charge you per visit often saving you thousands of pounds in aftercare costs. It's like a pay as you go mobile phone!

Imagine you really want the latest iPhone but don’t really need unlimited minutes or data… you might just be a light user and really like the camera! So you just buy the phone at a vastly reduced rate without any expensive and unnecessary contract, and pay as you go for what you require! The hearing aids we offer are always the latest versions, they are always brand named, and they are never locked to the provider you got them from! They also come with either a 2, 3, 4 or 5 year warranty!

We will program your hearing aids with your settings from your hearing test results! Simply send us a copy of your hearing test (it must have been taken in the past 6 months)  and we will set them up for you in our lab. Contact one of our friendly team and speak with the experts! We guarantee you won’t find a better team or better prices!