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Resound Linx² 9 - 61 Series

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Quick Overview

  • 17 Channels/bands

  • Smart focus

  • iPhone compatible

  • AppleWatch compatible

  • Android compatible

  • Tinnitus Sound Generator

  • Comfort in wind

  • SurroundSound by ReSound

  • Noise Control

  • Natural Directionality

  • DFS2 feedback suppression

  • AutoZoom 

  • Worlds smartest hearing aid,

  • 1st with full iPhone compatibility.

  • Exceptional speech clarity and comfort with enhanced noise reduction

what our audiologists say about linx 9

These are really something special! Small, powerful and offer extremely good sound reproduction. Our patients have reported back that they are the best they have ever had.

In terms of overall patient satisfaction we have not seen any other hearing aids receive such good feedback.


Prices are per device. Once you have placed your order our customer care team will contact you to find out your exact requirements for your device(s).

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The linx 2 9 is the proven market leader and is now onto its second generation. As the first to be fully iPhone compatible it revolutionised how patients could control and enhance their hearing experience.

This model benefits from one of the most powerful processors available today which means it can analyse and assess each environment exceptionally well. You can listen to your music and take phone calls without the bother of wires. Users rate it as one of the most natural sounding hearing devices in the world and reviews which can be easily found online back this up.

This is a truly outstanding hearing solution - capable of handling even complex listening situations. Volume control and program changes can be via the phone app or multifunction buttoon on the device.

Like all ReSound devices these can be linked to the fantastic Unite range of wireless streaming accessories.

Additional Information

Your Hearing Concern Car, Comfort In Loud Noise, iPhone Compatible, One To One, Music, Restaurants, Small Groups, Soft Voices, Speech in Loud Noise, TV / Radio
  1. really nice, but... review by hardtoplease on 07/03/2017

    ive worn hearing aids for years and play in a band regularly. my hearing loss is 35, 45, 60, 90, 90, 110

    i really want more clarity and even when i trim up the higher frequencies with the app i dont get the clarity i really crave when im listening to folk music. they seem to struggle with the higher placed string instruments.

    im probably being a bit picky but thats my nature and i remember how i used to hear as a younger man - guess im craving to get that back again although i doubt any hearing aids ever will.

    otherwise these are the best hearing aids ive had to date. lovely and small but very powerful and i love taking my calls through my phone.

    they just need to recover my hearing back to how it was when i was young and ill be happy - not an easy task

  2. Love my Linx review by LoopyLu on 05/03/2017

    I wear one hearing aid on my left ear. Had an NHS aid but wanted something smaller. Has been great from day one. Thanks Guys

  3. tiny aids, big sound review by mickJ on 05/03/2017

    These are my first private hearing aids. I previously had a set of NHS Phonaks. I have a pretty nasty hearing loss following ear surgery. I wear these on high power speakers and boy do they work. So glad I finally committed and bought a set

  4. hearing aids with bluetooth! review by techyeddie on 05/03/2017

    Bought a pair of these, and have loved them from day one. Good sound quality on their own, but having the app on my iPhone has made all the difference. I can now tweak the devices to suit wherever I am

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Warranty information All hearing aids sold through Wholesale Hearing Ltd carry their full official manufacturers guarantee/warranty. Each manufacturer has their own specific agreements when offering warranties to patients. See below manufacturer specific information.

Widex - 5 year UK warranty - 2 year International warranty
Phonak - 5 year UK warranty - 1 year international warranty
Resound - 5 year UK warranty - no international warranty

In the instance of a hearing aid requiring repair from outwith the UK and beyond the international warranty cover, we recommend that the device is posted back to Wholesale Hearing Ltd by insured and tracked post at your own cost. We will happily have the device sent to the manufacturers lab in the UK and ask for the repair to be considered under the 5 year UK warranty. We will then make arrangements for the device to be returned by insured and tracked postage to you at your cost which has to be paid prior to posting.

Important information on limitations of warranties

Warranty limitation Hearing aid warranty does not cover damage from improper handling or care, exposure to chemicals or undue stress. Damage caused by third parties or non-authorized service centres renders the warranty null and void. This warranty does not include any services performed by a hearing care professional in their office.

* From Phonak website as of March 2013 Local warranty Please ask the hearing care professional where you purchased your hearing aid, about the terms of your local warranty. International warranty Phonak offers you one year international warranty which is valid from from the date of your purchase. This limited warranty covers manufacturing and material defects in the hearing aid itself, but not accessories such as batteries, tubes, ear moulds and external receivers. The remedies under the international warranty are limited to the free repair of the hearing aid. The warranty only comes into force if a proof of purchase is shown. The international warranty does not affect any legal rights that you might have under the local warranty or the applicable national legislation governing sale of consumer goods.

Testing, fitting and follow up guidance

We recommend that all customers have a full audiometric assessment taken prior to purchase by a reputable hearing aid dispenser or audiologist. This is often offered free of charge by some providers but as a guideline we suggest this may cost around £80. Although we will initially tune a hearing aid for a customer to their approximate prescription if an audiogram is provided, we highly recommend to have a 'real ear measurement' taken and have an objective speech assessment to ensure that you receive maximum benefit from your hearing aid.

As a guideline we would expect a cost of around £150 to be reasonable for this service. Beyond this we recommend regular check ups to ensure the device continues to perform for you. As a guideline we recommend that a 6 month or 12 month check up would take between 15 and 30 minutes and cost between £50- £100

Please contact us and we will recommend a registered aid dispenser or audiologist in your area.