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How We Work

Getting the perfect hearing aids at great prices is easy when you follow our 5 simple steps to success:

  1. Get Your Hearing Tested
    Visit a local hearing specialist to get an audiogram (hearing test) and visual inspection of your ears
  2. Send Us Your Hearing Test Results *
    Submit your audiogram by Email directly: info@wholesalehearing.co.uk
  3. Purchase Your Hearing Aids From Our Website
    We will help you select the perfect hearing aids.
  4. We Program And Customise Your Hearing Aids To Your Hearing Test Results
    Our expert audiologist will program your hearing aids to your audiogram result and verify the quality.
  5. Your Order Is Shipped To You Worldwide For FREE 
    You have your hearing aids shipped to your door step, within 7-14 days

* Please note your order will not be processed without a valid audiogram. See our Terms & Conditions.