Choosing the Best Hearing Aids


Ross Higgins


There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how to choose the best hearing aids. The best hearing aids for you depend on a number of factors. When choosing hearing aids, its important that both you and your audiologist consider:

  • your hearing loss
  • your lifestyle
  • your budget
  • and of course, your personal preferences!

Your Hearing Loss

This seems obvious, but is in fact often overlooked. There are many different causes and symptoms of hearing loss. Understanding your particular hearing loss is key to selecting the best hearing aids. This is why we request that you send us a recent audiogram / hearing test result before our audiologists process your order - we will check that your chosen devices are suitable for your hearing loss. If you need help finding a provider to undertake a hearing test locally, or would like advice on selecting your devices prior to placing an order, we are always happy to discuss your options - just drop us a line with any questions

Your Lifestyle

The best hearing aids for you will have features and programs suitable for the environments you have trouble hearing in. Specific programs for especially challenging situations such as halls, large groups or restaurants can be built into many modern hearing aids, and changing from program to program can make significant improvements.

Both you and your audiologist should consider your work environment, which may include attending events, or spending long periods on phone or video calls and other interests such as playing sports, attending church or streaming movies or videos when choosing your hearing aids.

When deciding which hearing aid offers the best features, its important to focus on their benefit to you. Features that are important or critical to one user may be obsolete for another. You can read more about some of the latest hearing aid features here.

Your Budget

At Wholesale Hearing, we try to take this out of the equation by offering top of the range hearing aids at the lowest possible prices, but realistically, price is still an important consideration for most users. Your hearing is so important to your overall well-being that is is worth stretching your budget if you can, but only if the extra features or performance that you are paying for are both appropriate for your hearing loss, and beneficial to your lifestyle. 

Your Preferences

Having considered the other factors, you are likely to have a short-list of hearing aids that are suitable for your hearing loss, your lifestyle and your budget - from which you can choose a colour and style you love!

If you would like further help to choose the best hearing aids for you, contact our audiologists for some free advice.

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