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With today’s technology, hearing aids have made speech understanding in most situations enjoyable. But sometimes, hearing aids are simply not enough. This is why Signia has developed a wide range of wireless accessories to boost your hearing aids performance and keep you connected. Whether on the phone, watching TV or in a noisy environment, Signia offers the optimal solutions to suit your everyday needs.

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Signia Streamline TV Connector
Signia Streamline TV
Signia Streamline Mic hearing aid accessory.
Signia Streamline Mic
Signia Styletto hearing aid charger.
Signia Styletto Hearing Aid Charger
Signia Charge 'n' Go Inductive hearing aid charger
Signia Charge 'n' Go Inductive Charger

  • The Signia Styletto charger can fit in your pocket with ease and ensure you are never without the ability to hear, delivering up to four days of 16 hour use.
  • The Signia Charge ‘N’ Go Inductive charger plugs into the wall and automatically turns your hearing aids off when charging. Two green LEDs indicate your hearing aids are charged between 67%-99%, with three green lights indicating full charge.
  • Certain hearing aids are only compatible with certain chargers. Use this guide to find the right charger for your hearing aids.

  • The Signia App is available on iOS and Android devices.
  • The app is compatible with the Signia Streamline TV and the Signia Streamline Mic.
  • Use the app to play, pause and adjust the volume of the Signia Streamline TV accessory.
  • Use the app with to control the volume of the Signia Streamline Mic.
  • To pair the Streamline Mic with your mobile phone: Go onto your mobile phone’s settings and turn on bluetooth, on the Streamline Mic press and hold the multifunction button and the volume-up button simultaneously until the indicator flashes blue. Select the ‘Streamline Mic’ option from your phone’s list of available bluetooth devices. The indicator on the Streamline Mic will remain blue when connected.

  • The Signia Streamline TV is compatible with your TV if it has a TOSLINK cable (optical/digital), Cinch Cable (RCA/Analogue), or a Jack Adaptor
  • The Streamline Mic and Streamline TV are compatible with all bluetooth Signia Xperience and Signia Nx hearing aids.