A pair of silver Resound OMNIA hearing aids.
A pair of Resound OMNIA hearing aids.

Resound Hearing Aids

ReSound hearing aids provide the most natural listening experience possible. Whether you are walking down the busy streets, in the office or at a family gathering, these devices can cut through background noise and adapt to your surroundings to only deliver the sounds you want to hear without any distortion.

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A pair of Resound Nexia 9 RIC silver hearing aids on a table.
A woman wearing a Resound Nexia hearing aid.

Brand New Resound NEXIA

Resound's latest release - the Resound NEXIA is brand new for 2024 and available now!

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Why should you buy Resound Hearing aids?

Not only do Resound hearing aids connect to your smartphone and let you stream movies, TV shows and navigation straight to your ears but they can provide up to 30 hours of listening time on a full charge, making them some of the longest-lasting devices on the market.

Looking For A Particular Model?

Resound Omnia hearing aid in dark brown.
Resound ONE hearing aid in dark brown/espresso
product image of Resound Linx Quattro BTE hearing aid in dark brown

Linx Quattro

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Someone holding a black and white Signia Active Pro hearing aid.
Someone holding a black and white Signia Active Pro hearing aid.

"Price and Service Will Astound You!"

The price and the service are so beyond what I received with a full service “hearing centre” that I just cannot stop smiling. I made a huge mistake on my order and they caught it and called me right away and sorted it immediately.

- Kat

"Great service And Support"

Great service and support from helpful staff (Sophie). Would have no hesitation in recommending the company / service.

- Ciaran McGivern

"Highly recommended"

An absolute pleasure to do business with. I bought my first hearing aids, which I admit was a reluctant purchase so I was very apprehensive especially buying remotely, this doubt was quickly dispelled as my concerns were addressed promptly and efficiently both before and after purchase.

- Chris J

Responsive And Intelligent."

I have received very responsive and intelligent support and super hearing aids at an excellent price. If you are hard of hearing, this makes a huge difference to your wellbeing and if the support continues as it has done thus far - I shall be smiling.

- Janette Terry

"Wholesale Hearing Is Awesome!!!"

Wholesale Hearing is simply the best place to get your hearing aids! The lowest pricing you'll find anywhere, and fantastic support. I purchased a pair back in 2017 and another in July this year. I can't recommend them highly enough :)

- Scott Mcleod

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Resound mobile app showing sound adjustment features on a mobile phone
Resound mobile app showing sound adjustment features on a mobile phone

The Resound Mobile App

With the ReSound Smart 3D app you can easily control numerous aspects of your ReSound hearing aids. You can make quick adjustments to your hearing aid volume and balance levels and track your lost hearing aids in case you leave them behind.

The app will also display the current battery levels of your devices so you know when they need to be charged. Don’t worry about forgetting to charge them, because the app will send you a notification when the levels get below a particular level and then another notification when they are ready to use.

Learn more about hearing aid mobile apps!

How It Works

Combine incredibly low prices on hearing aids from all the leading brands with remote care provided by our UK-based Audiologists.

Choose Your Hearing Aid

Choose Your Hearing Aid

Send us Your Hearing Test Results

Send us Your Hearing Test Results

Our Audiologists Program to Your Needs

Our Audiologists Program to Your Needs

Receive Your New Hearing Aids

Receive Your New Hearing Aids

Our Audiologists Fine-Tune Remotely If & When Needed

Our Audiologists Fine-Tune Remotely If & When Needed

Resound hearing aid charger.
Resound hearing aid charger.
TV Streamers, Microphones & more.

Resound Accessories

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Resound hearing aid charger surrounded by Resound hearing aids.
Resound hearing aid charger surrounded by Resound hearing aids.
Domes, Tubes & Wax Guards

Resound Hearing Aid Parts

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ReSound Nexia hearing aids are a game-changer in the world of hearing technology. It places a tiny microphone inside the ear canal, enabling a more natural and personalised sound experience. By capturing sound the way your ears naturally do, M&RIE enhances speech clarity, spatial awareness, and overall sound quality. It's like having your own sound engineer inside your ear, ensuring that you hear the world around you in the most natural and comfortable way possible.

Ultra Focus uses a powerful combined directional pattern from both hearing aids to focus on the speech in front of the patient. It provides up to a 30% improvement in speech understanding over All Access Directionality. Ultra Focus uniquely uses the speech frequencies for targeted directionality and the high and low frequencies to monitor the environment so patients can hear speech and still maintain spatial cues from around them.

Don’t let great sounds escape.  Learn how to wear your hearing aids correctly and securely with a quick ear selfie and enjoy the full support of ReSound NEXIA. Use Check My Fit in the Resound SMART 3D app, available for both Android & Apple.