The 2024 Resound Nexia: Everything You Need To Know


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A pair of Resound Nexia hearing aids.

With a brand new year, comes brand new hearing aid models and the Resound Nexia is the first out the gate. Read on to find out all the important information as well as when you can order yours online at the best prices from Wholesale Hearing.

What is the Resound Nexia?

The Resound Nexia is the latest hearing aid from Resound - fresh for 2024 and packed with features that make it a worthy successor to the Resound OMNIA.

What Models Are Available?

The Resound Nexia comes in 3 tiers of models. The NX9, NX7, and NX5 with the NX9 being the most powerful model of the three.

What Are The Main Features of the Resound Nexia?

As always, Resound hearing aids come packed with technology that enhances your listening experience. The level of that technology depends on which model you go for. Here are the standout features of the Resound Nexia:

Environment Recognition

The Resound Nexia uses Ear-to-Ear communication to automatically adjust both the volume and the amount of noise reduction for optimum listening comfort and sound quality across a wide range of listening environments.


The Nexia will use real-time information about your environment and, through the technical term of a ‘Binaural hearing strategy,’ will constantly adapt to your environment. It also does this as smooth as possible to avoid any jarring switches between one environment and the next.

Speech Intelligibility in Noise

The Resound Nexia boasts a 150% improvement in Speech understanding in noise. It also forms a stronger directional pattern using the sound from both hearing aids so you can focus on the person in front of you.

Noise Reduction

The Nexia reduces any disturbing background sound without affecting speech audibility. The Resound Nexia NX9 model can be customised to adapt to noise in 7 different environments.


The Nexia reduces low level noise such as wind on those cold and windy days. It quickly detects and reduces amplification for sudden, brief loud noises and reduces wind noise without reducing the gain for other sounds. Essentially, you hear less wind and environmental noise, and more voices from your friends and family.

Feedback Management

The Nexia reduces unwanted feedback in nearly any situation without compromising gain. Including music where the tone of the song you are listening to is at the forefront of your eardrums.

Low frequency boost

The Nexia optimises loudness for users with severe and profound hearing losses. It boosts the listening experience with a louder, fuller sound quality when needed.

What About Bluetooth?

Yes! Enjoy the convenience of streaming audio directly from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device in everyday situations like listening to music or taking calls. Essentially, the hearing aids can work as a wireless headset that connects directly to your mobile phone.

What Accessories Is The Resound Nexia Compatible With?

The Resound Nexia can be paired with the following Resound Accessories:

What Colours Will Be Available?

The Resound Nexia RIC and BTE models come in the following colours:

  • Beige
  • Medium Blonde
  • Dark Brown
  • Sterling Grey
  • Black

When Is The Resound Nexia Available?

The Resound Nexia is available now! Order yours online or get in touch with one of our expert audiologists who can assist you with any questions!

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