How To Clean Your Hearing Aids


Niamh Harnett


Hearing aids are worn every day and, when cleaned properly, can last years. Even though wax guards and cases exist to keep your devices away from the elements, dust, dirt and wax can still get into small holes through everyday use. This will cause the life of your hearing aid to shorten. When you clean your hearing aids properly and regularly, you can save yourself money and put off buying a new hearing aid that little bit longer.


Here's what you'll need

  1. A small hearing aid brush (for cleaning the outside of the device
  2. A very thin brush (to clean inside of the tubes)
  3. A soft cloth
  4. A non-alcohol based cleaning disinfectant

Cleaning Your Hearing Aids

Cleaning The Dome: Some of you may have a custom ear mould or some may have standard hearing aid domes that come with your devices. These can be cleaned with a clean cloth or can be replaced with a new set of wax guards that fits your brand. Make sure the dome vent is clear of any dirt by running a very thin cleaning brush through it.

Cleaning The Receiver: Wax guards are not cleaned but more replaced with brand new ones as a build up of earwax within them can be the main reason your hearing aids no longer work. Whether you have a Phonak or a Cerustop Wax guard, the method used to change your wax guards will differ. Follow the correct instructions to replace your wax guard. Replace the dome on top of the wax guard.

Cleaning The Microphone: The microphone port is where sound enters the device to be streamed to your ears. Having a build-up of dirt or dust can cause a significant decrease in your hearing aid’s performance. Use a soft brush to make sure the microphone is clean. Some hearing aids may have more microphone ports than others so make sure to visually check your hearing aid for any extra microphone ports.

It’s easier to use a brush than a cloth so that the bristles can get into the microphone holes, whereas a cloth will simply clean the outside.

Cleaning The Battery Compartment: If you have a battery powered hearing aid, the battery compartment can also be cleaned with a small cleaning brush. This ensures the battery contacts stay clear of dust and dirt. Just remember to take the battery out first and be very gentle not to damage the elements inside.


  • How Do I Remove Wax From My Hearing Aids?
  • If you visually inspect the hearing aid, you will notice where the wax build up is. As mentioned above, it might be better to replace your wax guard. However, you can clean wax out of the hearing aid tubes using a very thin brush or cloth.

  • Can you use alcohol wipes to clean hearing aids?
  • We do not recommend using alcohol wipes to clean your hearing aids as it can damage the surface of your device. Instead, use a non-alcohol based disinfectant to wipe your hearing aids.

  • How often should you clean your hearing aids?
  • If you’re planning on getting your devices professionally cleaned, you should schedule an appointment every 4-6 months. You can give your devices a clean by following the steps above every 1-2 weeks but there is no harm in giving them a check every night to see if there are any blockages or surface dirt that you can get rid of.

    Regular cleaning of your hearing aids is recommended to lengthen the life of your devices. The overall process does not need to be lengthy or complicated and is definitely worth doing regularly to avoid you having to buy a brand new pair sooner than you need to.


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