Best Rechargeable Hearing Aids 2024


Niamh Harnett


A Phonak Lumity L90 rechargeable hearing aid beside it's hearing aid charger.

Our expert team of audiologists reviews the top rechargeable hearing aids on the market in 2024 to help you find the best quality hearing solution for you, all day and every day.

As rechargeable hearing aids get more discreet but also packed with more features with every release, there’s a greater emphasis on charging time and how well a hearing aid holds charge. We want you to be able to use all the features your device comes with, without worrying about the battery running empty when you are out in the middle of the day.

Think about your mobile phone; if it took a day to charge and had to be recharged before you’ve finished using it, you would be unimpressed! A hearing aid is no different, and given the incredible benefits to your health and hearing in everyday life, it’s more important than ever to find the right hearing aid that can last.

Wholesale Hearing audiologists looked at many of the most important factors to our customers when selecting the right rechargeable hearing aid for them, including:

  • Which hearing aids charge the fastest?
  • Which hold the longest charge?
  • Do they have excellent charging cases?
  • Can I charge on the go, away from a wall socket?


The Winner

Resound OMNIA 9

A rechargeable Resound OMNIA hearing aid on a person's ear.

The ReSound OMNIA was launched in October 2022 and quickly rose to fame with the longest operating time on a single charge – an astonishing 30 hours. This was 20% more than any other hearing aid on the market.

The Resound premium charger (suitable for the Resound OMNIA and ONE models) also allows you to recharge 2 – 3 time away from a wall socket so in theory it could power you for nearly a week (based on 10 hours use a day). It’s a sleek but rugged design and is an impressively engineered unit.

Reliability has proven to be very good so far and sound quality is on par with the very best available.

The ReSound app allows users a tremendous range of options to fine tune and tailor the sound to their preference. Users can also monitor the battery life of their resound hearing aids to know when it's time to charge back up.

Runner Up

Phonak Lumity L90

A pair of rechargeable Phonak Lumity L90 hearing aids.

The Phonak Audeo Lumity L90 provides up to 24 hours of battery life on just 3 hours of charge. It can be submerged in water up to 1.6 feet deep and, with Phonak's SmartSpeech™ Technology, it has improved speech understanding and reduced listening effort, particularly in challenging environments. This means that you can use your hearing aid any time you like, and when you do, the quality is exceptional.

The Phonak Charger ease is the perfect hearing aid charger for the Phonak Lumity which is why we supply one for FREE when you purchase a Phonak Lumity hearing aid.

Choosing the Right Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Hearing aids can be very expensive, and it’s very important that you make the right choice for your needs. A hearing aid becomes part of your everyday use and routine, so whether it’s to help with tinnitus, having a strong bluetooth connection, or a hearing aid that can hold charge throughout the working day, you need to pick the right one for you.

Our team of audiologists are on hand to help with any queries you have to help make the right choice for your hearing solution. Contact us today and start your journey to hearing better.

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