The Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids


Ailish Hamilton


The world of hearing technology is buzzing with excitement, and a major reason for this is the rise of Bluetooth hearing aids. These innovative devices are transforming the way people with hearing loss experience sound, offering a wealth of benefits beyond simple amplification. But amidst the opinions and questions, one thing is clear – these devices are generating excitement for a reason.

Today’s hearing aids make inconvenience a thing of the past. Technology has advanced to create hearing aids that are jam packed with sophisticated and powerful Bluetooth technology. This new addition means that it is now possible to connect your devices and stream sound directly to your hearing aids. 

Why Choose Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

Mobile Connectivity

While using Bluetooth hearing aids the wearer can stream music and answer calls from iOS and Android devices straight through their hearing aids without any fussing with the devices themselves. 

New Levels of Personalisation

Gone are the days of fiddling with tiny buttons on your hearing aids. Leading brands like Phonak, Signia, and ReSound offer dedicated apps that unlock the full potential of Bluetooth hearing aids, empowering users with control, personalization, and additional features that enhance everyday life. Imagine the convenience of managing your hearing needs with a simple tap, ensuring optimal comfort and clarity in any situation. This discreet control empowers users to feel confident and in control of their hearing experience, you can now adjust your hearing without anyone noticing.

Phone Calls Have Never Been Easier

People rave about the unmatched clarity Bluetooth offers during phone calls and conversations. Bluetooth hearing aids automatically stream phone calls to both of your hearing aids so you can hear your calls in both ears at once. This once again eliminates any annoyance that would’ve previously occurred while trying to take calls with hearing aids not enhanced with Bluetooth technology. 

Impressive Sound Quality

Music lovers, prepare to be amazed! Hearing aids with bluetooth unlock a world of high-quality audio streamed directly to your ears. No more muffled tunes or frustrating syncing issues. Bluetooth hearing aids transform your listening experience by streaming high-quality audio directly to your ears. Imagine getting lost in your favourite songs, movies, and audiobooks with personalised volume control and optimised settings. Users describe it as "rediscovering music for the first time," with the clarity and detail allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the audio experience.

Improved Localisation 

Imagine attending a bustling family gathering or enjoying a windy outdoor lunch without the constant struggle to decipher words. Depending on the type of Bluetooth hearing aid, they can help to localise sounds which allows the wearer to focus on voices and sounds right in front of them. So you feel more confident in all social situations and taking more control of your hearing.


Bluetooth hearing aids can limit unwanted noise and reduce background noise in loud situations. This can allow you to focus on the conversations you want to hear rather than overwhelming ambient sounds. For a better quality of hearing, clarity is key.

Tinnitus Support

Bluetooth hearing aids can help ease some of the symptoms associated with Tinnitus by playing calming sounds. The Phonak Bolero M70 hearing aid comes with Tinnitus Balance technology that amplifies a sound to balance Tinnitus symptoms. Read more about the best hearing aids for tinnitus support.


Bluetooth hearing aid features offer unparalleled convenience, accessibility, and social connection. They enable you to actively participate in a world increasingly driven by technology, enhancing your overall lifestyle. Remember, not all hearing aids are created equal, and features like Bluetooth compatibility vary across brands and models. Contact one of our expert audiologists for a consultation on what hearing aid is best suited to your specific needs and lifestyle. Explore the possibilities of Bluetooth hearing aids and see how they can elevate your everyday experience.

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*Depending on your devices and how you wish to use them, you may need a TV streamer accessory, such as the Phonak TV Connector for your Phonak hearing aids. 

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