Fine-tuning your Hearing Aids


Ross Higgins


Modern hearing aids often have many features which work under the surface to correct and filter the sound before presenting it into the wearer’s ear. These features can come to life automatically or in some cases with a user selecting the feature to activate.

Real Life Hearing

Most hearing aids are fitted in quiet clinic or office environments which don’t mimic the real world or the sound environments that the wearer experiences as troublesome. Because of this, patients have to go through an often-longwinded period of trial and error – coming back to the hearing aid specialist on many occasions for further adjustments and tweaks until either the hearing aid specialist gets it right or the patient gets fed up and leaves.

This is made even more challenging when the hearing aid is sold at home through a company only offering home visits, once the aids are fitted it can be difficult to get the hearing aid specialist back for tune ups.

Fine-Tuning Hearing Aids you Buy Online

Wholesale Hearing will pre-program any devices you purchase from us to your specific needs before we dispatch them. We can offer either remote follow up sessions or link you with a reputable local provider who will be happy to see you on a pay per visit basis. This means you have incredible flexibility when it comes to the aftercare you receive and you only pay for what you need.

Although modern technology allows us to achieve much better accuracy of fitting quicker than ever before, it takes time to adjust to your new hearing aid, and as such you cannot expect everything to be pitch perfect straight away. Unless you have suffered a sudden hearing loss, your hearing will have been changing over many years. As such you will have become somewhat comfortable with a world where the sounds are subdued. Enhancing your hearing should be done in a controlled manner to allow you time to re-familiarise to environmental sounds before pushing on to give you optimised speech clarity.

You will need time to get used to not just the sounds around you but also the feeling of having devices in your ears. We like to explain that its somewhat like a pair of new leather shoes. Not always perfectly comfortable at first, but as the leather becomes more supple and your foot gets used to the new shape they will stop feeling unusual and often wearers completely forget that they have them on. The same thing happens with your new hearing aids but this process can be dramatically sped up by using a specialist who has had years of experience sizing and fitting hearing aids.

In addition to the physical feeling of hearing aids, it’s essential that the sounds are correctly balanced to ensure that the amplification is perfectly suited for your loss. There are many factors that can affect the sound reaching your eardrum and the effect of these can result in sound that can be under amplified which means you won’t hear enough, and over amplified which can make the aids uncomfortable – interestingly this can happen at the same time!

Factors your specialist will have to consider will include:

  • The softest level you can naturally hear in each ear over a range of different tones.
  • The loudest sounds you feel comfortable with in each ear across a range of tones.
  • Your initial comfort level.
  • The shape, size and style of your ear canals – this can dramatically change the volume of sounds at your eardrum.
  • The positioning of your hearing aids.
  • The necessary venting to help fresh air to enter and leave your ear canal, and assist with overcoming any blocked sensation you may encounter.
  • The adaptive features (if available) on your hearing aids which will be called upon when you encounter complex or noisy situations.

If your hearing aid specialist does not consider these factors correctly there is a heightened chance that the outcome you are looking for may not happen and you will end up disappointed. We highly recommend working with specially trained audiologists who will ensure the sounds you should receive at your ear drum are getting there correctly. Our audiologists have a unique “sound optimisation” process which we have developed to do all this and more, ensuring you have the most accurately fitted hearing aids at all times.


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