Be A Part of the Conversation: Phonak Paradise Speech Enhancer


Ross Higgins


Hearing aids work by amplifying sounds, however not all hearing aids can distinguish between sounds the user wants to hear, such as speech, and background noise. When the sound you are listening for is naturally soft or hard to pick up, it can become frustrating. As one the leading hearing aid manufacturers, Phonak already offers a wide range of smart features to improve hearing in different environments. The new Phonak Speech Enhancer is a feature of the Phonak Paradise Hearing Aid range that helps amplify softer sounds and reduces the strain of careful listening.

What is the Phonak Speech Enhancer?

Tone of voice can be important in how we deliver verbal communication. Whispering about the scary movie you’re watching, trying to get a child to stay sleeping on Christmas morning, and so many more moments in life. Soft speech can convey emotion and add depth to words. Phonak Speech Enhancer is specifically designed for soft input modes such as soft speech, or speech at a distance

Why have Phonak Included This Feature in the Phonak Paradise?

Phonak is constantly reviewing and developing its range of hearing aids to provide best in class hearing aid solutions. Research from a large scale data experiment in Australia showed that difficult hearing in quiet was the most common precursor to getting a hearing aid. This research was the foundation for Phonak’s groundbreaking approach to soft input speech amplification.

The Phonak Speech Enhancer

Speech Enhancer adapts to “enhance the peaks of a modulated signal” (Phonak) and works extremely well in typical quiet sound environments. The feature amplifies the gain on soft sound frequencies, helping the user effortlessly pick up on soft speech. Research to test this from Hörzentrum Oldenburg, Germany showed that Speech Enhancer made substantial reduction in the effort in listening of users. This effect carried also to long distances, showing the powerful benefits of Phonak Speech Enhancer. 

Could You Benefit from the Phonak Paradise Speech Enhancer?

Difficulty picking up or deciphering soft speech is an indicator that you may need a hearing aid. Enjoying everyday conversations, and all the tone and emotion they bring, should belong to everyone.  Talking with family in a quiet room, listening intently in a busy meeting, or picking up the soft whispers of romance from Leonardo DiCaprio at the end of Titanic - being able to effortlessly hear and understand soft speech is important for anyone of any age.

An inability to hear properly can be a source of frustration or embarrassment, and it can become tiring to have to listen carefully all day every day.  So whether you are already a hearing aid user but find it difficult to hear soft speech, or have just noticed you have difficulty hearing in quiet situations, the Phonak Paradise hearing aid with Speech Enhancer could improve your hearing experience.

Order Your Phonak Paradise Now

Phonak Paradise hearing aids are powerful, yet small and discreet. At Wholesale Hearing, we are delighted to offer a full range of Phonak Paradise hearing aids at low prices. We also supply Phonak accessories including TV connectors and charging cases. Our team of professional audiologists will happily advise on whether the Phonak Paradise is right for you, and work to programme your new hearing aids to your hearing test results. Together, we will help you hear better. 

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