Which Hearing Aids use which Wax Guard?


Niamh Harnett


Wax guards are an essential part of the maintenance of hearing aids, an estimated 50% of hearing aids that require repair are a result of wax or debris buildup. 

When it comes to wax guards it is important to know the different types:

1) Some wax guards use a tool like a small stick with two sides, one for removing the existing wax guard and one for attaching the new one.

2) Other wax guards have a round design with a port for removing and another port for replacing the wax guard. This design is dependent on the manufacturers. 

Hearing Aid brands and their wax guards:

Phonak: Cerustop and Cerushield TM Disk

Signia: Waxguard C Grid, HF 4 Pro Red/Blue, Waxguard Mini RIC

ReSound: Waxguard Cerustop

Unitron: Cerustop Wax Guards

Beltone: Waxguard C Grid, HF 4 Pro Red/Blue, Waxguard Mini RIC

Bernafon: Waxguard Prowax Minifit and Waxguard Prowax Turtle

Oticon: Waxguard Prowax Minifit and Waxguard Prowax Turtle

Starkey: HearClear Wax Guard

Widex: Cerustop/Nanocare

Even though earwax is important for your ear health, it can damage your hearing aids. Wax guards can help prevent this from happening as long as they are changed regularly and maintained properly. Learn more about the importance of wax guards.

If you are unsure which wax guards your hearing aids require, please don’t hesitate to ask an audiologist  

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