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At Wholesale Hearing our aim is to help people find the best hearing solution at an affordable price. We only offer the best in hearing aid technologies, and we don’t believe you should compromise on the quality of your care. Our team is comprised of experienced, passionate audiologists with decades of experience who will work with you remotely to ensure that your hearing aids meet your needs and exceed expectations. 

When you purchase a hearing aid through Wholesale Hearing you also receive ongoing support from our highly qualified team, here’s what’s included:

Warranty & Aftercare

All hearing aids purchased through Wholesale Hearing include a full Manufacturers warranty from the date of purchase, which covers the aids for repair or replacement due to faults and damages. 

Manufacturers’ warranties are usually 5 years – specific information is given on each product page. Loss is not covered by warranty. 

If there is a hardware fault with the hearing aids, we will ship the hearing aids to our lab in the UK where we would manage the repair with the manufacturer.

For software or general aftercare support, we may schedule a session with one of our audiologists who would be able to adjust the hearing devices remotely.  

How does it work?

At Wholesale Hearing, we want to make things as easy as possible and help solve any issues as soon as they arise. 

Should you find you require support with your devices simply contact us in whichever way you prefer be it online chat, email or by phone. At this stage, your expert will find out as much as possible about the issue and decide the best route whether this is sending the devices to our UK-based lab or arranging a remote session. 

If your devices need to be shipped to the lab one of our experts will be responsible for managing the repair to ensure they are ready to wear before being returned. 

This is an ‘as and when' service, as and when you need support, get in touch.  

We also offer a 30-day no-quibble money-back guarantee – simply put if you’re unhappy with any hearing aid you have purchased from Wholesale Hearing you can return it to us for a full refund. Read more about our guarantee including the terms and conditions.

If you would like to know more about the support you will receive at Wholesale Hearing, get in touch with one of our audiologists today!  

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