Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus 2021


Niamh Harnett


Tinnitus can come & go, or it can be a lasting problem. Research has shown that 80% of people who suffer from tinnitus also experience hearing loss. Unfortunately, that hearing difficulty can become permanent.

Although tinnitus can be difficult to manage, the right hearing aids can greatly reduce your discomfort and give you a strong quality of hearing. As a leading team of audiologists and experts in the best hearing aids around, our team has put together the best hearing aids on the market in 2021 for helping with tinnitus, focusing on:
  • Range of therapy sounds within the hearing aid
  • Adjustability through the hearing aid app
  • Ease of use within the computer software to target and treat tinnitus

The Winner: Signia Xperience

Signia are well renowned for producing excellent hearing aids and their latest offering, the X range does not disappoint. With some of the very latest research directing the tinnitus treatment within the X range – a specific technique called notch therapy – many patients find great relief to their tinnitus problems.

Runner Up: ReSound One

Built into ReSounds processor is a very flexible tinnitus masking solution which incorporates a selection of environmental and other masking sounds. In addition to these which are inherent on the devices there is also a superb Tinnitus Relief app where users can create their own highly personalised sound therapies and stream up to their devices from apple products and from android devices when linked to the easy to use Phone Clip.

Third Place: Widex Moment

Widex pioneered tinnitus relief with the introduction of Zen in 2012 by using a holistic approach to tinnitus treatment. The Widex team work closely with audiologists to not just mask tinnitus but to offer a suite of counselling tools which incorporate counselling, amplification, fractal tones (Zen) and relaxation.

The solutions offered by Widex have been regarded as first class for many years and their attention to detail is clear to see in their intuitive and well designed software – both the audiologists and patients benefit from the Widex expertise which takes a very difficult problem and produces simple to operate and highly effective solutions.

Buying Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

Our expert team of audiologists work with many customers every day choosing hearing aids to manage tinnitus. If you’re looking for professional advice and affordable hearing loss solutions, contact us today to discuss your options for better hearing.

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