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Just like mum used to say, “You get what you pay for”.

At Wholesale Hearing, our core aim is to help people find the best hearing solution, at an affordable price. We negotiate hard with our suppliers, buy in bulk wherever possible, and pass the savings on to you, which results in huge savings. However there is no denying that even at our prices, a good hearing aid represents a significant investment.

Will a cheap hearing aid do the job?

There are some UK hearing aid websites that choose to perpetuate the myth that a basic digital hearing aid will solve all your problems. At most, a £300 hearing aid will provide an adequate increase in amplification in a quiet surrounding, but it will only be comfortable for a very short period of time.

Regardless of what the warranty says, the sound quality of a £300 hearing aid will be very poor in a complex and noisy environment. It will no doubt ‘last’ the warranty period of 2 to 5 years. But warranties simply cover workmanship and materials, not clarity and quality of sound.

So how do you know you are paying for quality, and not just paying an inflated price for a cheap hearing aid?

It is worth paying a higher price for:

  • latest models, as these contain the newest technology
  • branded products from well-known manufacturers, as these manufacturers have a reputation to protect and do not want to compromise this with poor quality
  • a decent warranty period, as this indicates confidence in the quality fo the product

Lower prices on older models or 'own brand' products

Many retailers of hearing aids in the UK 'white label' the products. This makes it easier to pass off older products, and also makes it impossible for their devices to be reprogrammed by any other company. Often patients find out that the reason they got such a 'good' price on heir new hearing aids is that they have bought out of date technology, which has simply been 'white labelled' or 'own branded' to make it harder to compare.

Wholesale Hearing do not sell white label or out of date products. All the devices
available through Wholesale Hearing are the latest on the market and come with a 5 year manufacturer warranty (this is usually a 1 year worldwide warranty and a further 4 years back to base warranty).

Price versus Quality

A hearing aid contains components that will eventually wear out. It’s the quality of the components that will dictate just how long it takes to start feeling that wear and tear. Stepping into a higher quality achieves not only better clarity of sound and more comfort, but longer lasting clarity and comfort. With everything we need to accomplish each day, and the stresses it puts on our bodies, the question should be, “Can you afford not to hear well?”

Our Hearing Aid Prices

Wholesale Hearing only offer brand named products at the very best prices in the market. We back this up with our panel of expert audiologists who are on hand to help you make the right decision for your hearing and ensure you achieve long lasting success.

We believe you should view your hearing aids as an investment in yourself. An investment that will pay dividends to you with new levels of happiness, energy, quality-of-life and improved emotional and physical state.

Please contact us if you have any questions you would like to ask our experts!

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