The New Phonak Lumity!


Niamh Harnett


Phonak have always been known to keep their hearing aids up to date with the latest technology. Their previous release of the Phonak Paradise Life showed just that with being the world's first waterproof rechargeable hearing aid.

Now comes the Phonak Lumity in L90, L70 and L50 models. They feature improved speech understanding with Phonak's unique SmartSpeech technology to help improve sound quality in a range of environments, universal connectivity that allows you to connect to a range of Bluetooth devices and machine learning to keep your settings up to hone in on speech.

Phonak lumity hearing aid.

New Features:


Phonak understands how important it is for friends and family to communicate together and they design their speech-understanding technology to suit a range of ages and levels of hearing difficulty. SmartSpeech technology works through SpeechSensor which detects people talking from all angles and delivers the sounds straight to your ears.

StereoZoom 2.0

Not only does the Phonak Lumity hearing aid pick up sounds from all angles, but StereoZoom 2.0 can hone in on people specifically in front of you and prioritises their speech.

Wearers can use the Phonak App to take complete control of this feature and choose how much focus they would like to give the person speaking in front of them compared to those around them.

Adaptive Phonak Digital 2.0

It's a busy world of busy sounds with various levels of clarity, noise and audibility. Phonak's APD 2.0 technology balances all these elements perfectly.

Not only can this lead to a reduced listening effort by the user but, by extension, this also frees up your brain to perform other tasks other than listening.

AutoSense OS 5.0

None of the above would be possible without AutoSense OS 5.0. This provides three main features: speech enhancement, dynamic noise cancellation and motion sensor hearing.

The speech enhancer targets and improves speech clarity across the board in both quiet environments and adapts to increasing noise levels as you enter loud environments thanks to the dynamic noise cancellation.

Motion sensor hearing will detect if you are standing still or moving as well as the levels of the sounds around you and directs the microphone within the hearing aids accordingly to pick up the most important sounds in your environment.

Life Technology

Phonak has added the same technology from their Paradise Life range to the Lumity range to bring users the Phonak Lumity Life, the second waterproof rechargeable hearing aid. The Phonak Lumity life can be submerged in up to 0.5 meters of either fresh pool water or salt water.

Rechargeable Technology

Rechargeable hearing aids can save users money in the long term, reduce waste and are better for the environment. That's why the Phonak Lumity models are all rechargeable, meaning you never have to worry about buying batteries in time.

Simply plug the Phonak Lumity into the Phonak Charger Ease if you have a Lumity model, or the Phonak Charger Case Go if you have a Lumity Life model and want to charge your hearing aids if you are travelling this summer

The new Phonak Lumity delivers even more benefits to users than any other Phonak hearing aid before it. This new hearing aid combines the best of brand new technologies, like AutoSense OS 5.0, SteroZoom and SmartSpeech while retaining the best of existing features such as rechargeable technology and waterproof coatings.

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