The New Phonak Lumity Slim Hearing Aid


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Phonak slim colour range.

Phonak has spent years pushing the boundaries of hearing aid technology. Their newest addition to the line-up takes all the best features and speech processing and houses it in a slimmer body that’s a first for the market-leading brand.

The Phonak Slim is their latest hearing aid model that boasts a brand new shape which is a departure from their previous models. The Phonak Slim comes in 4 colours: Sandalwood, Graphite, Copper and Silver each having a unique split design featuring black and one of the aforementioned colours.

Features Of The Phonak Slim L90 

1. A Slimmer Design

Existing Phonak users will immediately notice a departure in the design from Phonak’s previous models.

What does this mean for you? A slimmer design means enhanced comfort and a more discreet model that nestles behind the ear for minimum visibility.

2. AutoSense OS 5.0

Phonak’s legendary AutoSense OS 5.0, found in the original Lumity and now the Slim, uses machine learning algorithms to identify and adapt to listening environments.

What does this mean for you? It means you can swiftly move from loud to quiet environments and don’t need to adjust your hearing aids to suit the varying noise levels - your hearing aid does this for you.

3. Phonak SmartSpeech Technology

The Phonak Slim features the same improved speech understanding found in the Phonak Lumity but housed in the slimmer case. The ActiveVent receiver makes understanding noises in loud environments much easier.

What does this mean for you? Reduced listening effort in noise and clearer speech delivered to your ears from earlier Phonak models. Where your brain would previously have to work overtime to process the speech, it can take a well earned rest. This frees up extra cognitive resources to be used elsewhere.

4. Tap Control

The new Phonak Slim hearing aid features tap controls that allow you to control Bluetooth features from a touch.

What does this mean for you? Answer and end calls, play and pause streaming from connected devices and use Bluetooth to talk directly to voice assistants all with a tap on your hearing aids.

5. Universal Bluetooth Connectivity

Whether you have an Android or iOS phone, or one of our Bluetooth enabled Phonak hearing aid accessories, the Phonak Slim can connect to your device.

What does this mean for you? Stream phone calls or music directly to your ears from your mobile phone and control any one of our Bluetooth enabled Phonak accessories. Access the myPhonak app on your mobile to change your hearing aid settings as and when needed.

5. Rechargeable Technology

Unsurprisingly, the latest Phonak hearing aid comes with the latest rechargeable technology so you’re never left without the ability to hear. Place the hearing aids in their charger overnight or before a day out and enjoy premium quality speech and audio all day. A full charge takes 3 hours. With Wholesale Hearing you will also receive the Phonak Slim charger for free with your devices!

The brand new Phonak Slim combines Phonak’s cutting edge technology with a brand new slim design that is more discreet than anything Phonak has done before. Get in touch with us to enquire about your Phonak slim today. Our expert UK audiologists are on hand with any questions you have about the Phonak Slim or its new features.

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