Tips For Exercising With Hearing Loss


David Hutchison


Exercise plays a large role in everyday life, whether it’s going for a simple walk with friends, partaking in an online or in-person class, or going out for a run. Although exercising with hearing loss requires some adaptations, it is certainly possible. Read our tips for exercising with hearing loss so you can improve your fitness and quality of life.

Person running with hearing aids.

Our Tips:

  1. Choose accessible workout methods
  2. Watch out for balance
  3. Let your hearing aids help
  4. Choose the right hearing aids

Choose Accessible Workout Methods

The accessibility of exercise has grown massive amounts over the years, with virtual classes and personal training all being various options for those with hearing loss who still want to get a workout in.

Some may find it hard to hear instructors when taking part in classes in-person. However, technologies such as Pelaton allow you to take a cycling class at home with subtitles as you follow along with the trainer on the screen. Also, with our range of bluetooth hearing aids, you can go onto YouTube or a range of other online exercise resources and partake in a ‘one-to-one’ class that can stream audio directly to your hearing aids using hearing aid accessories such as the Phonak TV connector.

Watch Out For Balance

Living with conditions such as Meniere’s disease that can make you unsteady on your feet should never mean that you stop exercising. However, extra care must be taken to ensure you have optimal balance throughout.

Consulting your physician or working with a specialised trainer can help you stick to your exercise plan and develop your core and lower body strength, both of which play an important role in balance.

Let Your Hearing Aids Help

There are many benefits to wearing your hearing aids while working out, including the ability to hear cars if you are out on a run, or hear your running partner talking when out on a jog.

If you are worried about your hearing aids falling out, sweatbands, skull caps and hearing aid clips can all help keep your hearing aids in place.

person running wearing hearing aids.

Choose The Right Hearing Aids

Exercising can come with a range of side effects and considerations (for lack of better terms) such as sweating, what to wear when running in a rain shower or increased wind noise when out a jog.

Luckily, hearing aid technology has come a long way and with waterproof models such as The Phonak Lumity, Phonak Life or Resound OMNIA, you can wear your hearing aids and not have to worry about them getting wet or being annoyed by wind resistance.

Exercising with hearing loss can call for some modifications to be made, but is certainly possible and a great way to enhance your quality of life, social interactions and overall fitness. Follow our above tips to get the most out of your hearing aids and your body, proving that nothing can stop you living your best life.

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