Top Tips for Travelling with your Hearing Aids!


Niamh Harnett


Summer is almost here and many of us are planning trips with our family and friends. Initially, making sure to pack everything can seem a lot to handle.

However, as long as you give yourself enough time, plan ahead and consider how you are travelling, you can have a smooth and stress-free holiday.

Hearing aids are designed to fit your lifestyle. As a hearing aid user there are a few things you can do to take the stress out of your journey. 

Pack Prepared…

It’s better to be safe than sorry so we recommend you pack everything you could possibly need for your hearing aids as you can never rely on your destination to have the equipment you require.

This includes:

  • An extra set of hearing aids – Many people swear by the ‘pair and a spare’ motto when they travel and having an extra set of hearing aids could be a real help if something goes wrong.
  • Extra Batteries – this is essential for hearing aid wearers that don’t have rechargeable devices. Always bring enough hearing aid batteries with you to avoid your devices running out of juice halfway through your trip.
  • Portable charging unit – an excellent resource for wearers of rechargeable devices! Just make sure to bring the power adapter needed for your chosen destination. It’s also wise to travel with your rechargeable case in your carry on so it is always accessible. We highly recommend the Phonak Marvel Charging Case which is compatible with all Phonak Audeo Hearing Devices, including Belong B, Marvel M and Paradise P hearing aids. 
  • Filters, domes, and extra tubing.
  • Cleaning kit and storage case – depending on the environment you’re travelling to you may need to clean your devices more regularly while you’re away. 
  • Travel De-humidifier – it may also be useful to have a way of drying your hearing aids out if you’re planning on spending time in humid climates or out in the elements. 

Travel with Ease

Today’s hearing aids have impressive Bluetooth capabilities and are compatible with smart devices, some people find these devices easier to travel with so that they can take calls and listen to music while keeping their hands free. 

If you are thinking of taking part in tours or attending lectures, make sure to ask the speaker to wear a transmitter microphone so that the sound waves can be broadcast to the transmitter in your hearing aids. 

If you plan on taking a more adventurous holiday you should investigate sports clips which can help to keep your hearing aids secure. 

How are you travelling? 

Depending on the journey you are taking there may be some other things to consider.

Air: Although many people loathe airport security rest assured that removing your hearing aids shouldn’t be a concern. Unless specifically requested you can go ahead and leave your devices in. 

Most of today’s airports are also equipped with loop systems which allow people with hearing devices to hear important announcements easier. 

Car: We always recommend wearing your hearing aids when driving. To ensure greater clarity we recommend keeping the windows up to avoid interfering sound from the wind.

Public Transport: This is another mode of transport in which hearing aid users can take advantage of loop systems. Purchasing tickets in advance and mapping out your route can go a long way in making you feel more confident on your journey. 


When looking for accommodation try to request hearing-accessible rooms depending on your level of hearing loss. Most of today’s hotels will have hearing accessible rooms prepared. To make your trip a relaxing one make sure to call ahead. 

Have fun!

Now it’s time to relax! Hearing loss shouldn’t hold you back. Whether you’re trekking around the world or tanning by the pool your hearing aids and accessories are designed to make your life easier. 

Get in touch with one of our experts to discuss the right devices and accessories for you!

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