Rayovac is the market leader in hearing aid batteries, producing reliable, high-performing, and long-lasting hearing aid batteries in a variety of sizes, including the popular sizes 10, 13, 312, and 675. 

At Wholesale Hearing, we offer Rayovac hearing aid batteries in different pack sizes to meet every need. Top up your supply with 6 battery cells, stock up with a value pack of 60 hearing aid batteries, or for our trade customers, get even greater discounts when you buy 600 battery cells.

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Rayovac hearing aid batteries size 312.
Rayovac Batteries Size 312
Rayovac hearing aid batteries size 13.
Rayovac Batteries Size 13
Rayovac hearing aid batteries size 10.
Rayovac Batteries Size 10
Rayovac hearing aid batteries size 675.
Rayovac Batteries Size 675

  • Rayovac is one of the best and longest lasting hearing aid batteries and this is made possible by Active Core Technology.
  • Active core technology now with air optimisation ensures the most efficient use of oxygen and zinc. This allows Rayovac hearing aid batteries to last up to 8 hours longer than previous technology allowed.
  • Rayovac batteries have a shelf life of around 4 years but the Active Core technology provides high performance from purchase to the end.

  • All hearing aid batteries come with a battery tab attached. Once this tab is removed, the battery will activate
  • One of the best ways to help your hearing aid batteries last longer is to not remove the tab until you are ready to use them.
  • The new and improved tab design is 25% larger, making it far easier to switch out your Rayovac hearing aid batteries when you need to.

  • First ensure your hearing aid batteries are the correct size for your specific hearing aids.
  • Open the battery door on your hearing aid and take note of which way up your battery is facing.
  • Turn the hearing aid over and remove the old battery.
  • Take out a new hearing aid battery using the tab as a handle.
  • Place the new hearing aid battery into the hearing aid with the positive (flat) side facing up. 
  • Peel the tab off, wait 5 minutes for air to activate the battery fully, and close the battery door.
  • If there is any resistance when closing the hearing aid battery door, this could mean the battery is the wrong way up.

  • Where are Rayovac hearing aid batteries made? Some Rayovac hearing aid batteries such as the 13, 312 and 675, are made at one of the companies plants in the UK. There is also a plant in Wisconsin that makes the Rayovac 10, 13 and 312 batteries. The models are shipped between plants as needed.
  • Should I remove my hearing aid batteries at night? Leaving the hearing aid battery door open at night can allow moisture to escape and potentially prevent the battery from corroding quicker. If the hearing aid battery is depleted, remove it immediately to avoid the battery swelling.
  • How can i make my hearing aid battery last longer? Don't remove the hearing aid battery tab until you are ready to use it. Once the battery tab is removed, wait 5 minutes to allow air to fully activate the battery. Store the hearing aid batteries at room temperature.