Existing Artificial Intelligence In Hearing Aids


Niamh Harnett


“Artificial Intelligence” may be a term that you have heard more and more over the last year or so with ChatGPT, Bing and now Google all developing their own versions of the technology to enhance the lives of those that use their products and services. Hearing aid brands are no different and many of today’s hearing aids use some form of artificial intelligence to enhance the lives of hearing aid wearers.

Existing Artificial Intelligence In Hearing Aids


Phonak’s AutoSense OS continuously analyses and adapts to the environment around you, making automatic adjustments to optimise sound quality and speech understanding. It uses machine learning algorithms to detect different listening environments, including quiet settings, noisy restaurants, or music concerts. AutoSense OS then adjusts the hearing aid settings in real-time.

Phonak’s Autosense OS is available in their Lumity, Paradise, and Naida ranges.

The brand new Phonak Lumity slim will also feature Autosense OS 5.0.


The Signia Assistant is a virtual feature that is incorporated into Signia hearing aids. One of the features includes adaptive sound control that allows the assistant to automatically adjust hearing aid settings based on your listening environment. It also delivers a personalised listing experience as it learns from your preferences and setting adjustments. The AI assistant can remember preferred settings for specific locations and automatically adjust the hearing aid settings accordingly.

The Signia Assistant is available in the Signia smartphone App.


Resound hearing aids feature an AI-driven technology known as "Artificial Intelligence Assistance." This technology employs machine learning algorithms to continuously analyse and interpret the wearer's listening preferences and habits. It learns from the wearer's adjustments and feedback in various environments to personalise the hearing aid settings accordingly. This adaptive approach allows the hearing aids to provide optimal sound quality and speech understanding tailored to the wearer's preferences and needs.

The Resound OMNIA, ONE and Linx Quattro all feature artificial intelligence such as All Access directionality and Organic Hearing to adapt to your environment.

This is only the beginning of how artificial intelligence will be integrated into hearing aids and it’s exciting to think where the technology will be in years to come. Until then, explore our range of premium hearing aids that use AI to tailor your listening experience to any environment.
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