Best Bluetooth Hearing Aids 2021


Ross Higgins


Finding the best bluetooth hearing aid to match your requirements can seem overwhelming. At Wholesale Hearing, we work closely with you to help match the best hearing aid features for your specific needs, but if you are doing your own research, this article takes you through our audiologists' top picks for  We bluetooth hearing aids in 2021.

Bluetooth offers strong, wireless connection to devices, meaning your hearing aid can connect to your smartphone, iPad, and much more. Bluetooth hearing aids can provide comfort and convenience in everyday life and improve your hearing quality. 

Bluetooth hearing aids are excellent for:

  • iPhone streaming
  • Android streaming
  • Laptop streaming
  • Pairing process
  • Multi device connections

    The winner: Phonak Paradise

    Most hearing aid companies only stream direct to apple products however Phonak did something totally different and created “made for any phone” Bluetooth devices.

    The original Phonak Marvel was a run-away success and took the market by storm. The Paradise range built in the foundations of the Marvel and added in multi device connectivity meaning you can link to your mobile phone, laptop and tablet all at the same time which was a huge leap forwards. 

    What’s also super impressive with the Phonak Bluetooth solutions is that you can use them as hands free earpieces when making or receiving phone calls – this allows patients to catch a call immediately and not have to look around for their mobiles. They can just simply tap the button or double tap the device housing and chat away.

    Runner up: Phonak Marvel

    The original “made for any phone” hearing aids. Available in all styles from in the canal to super power behind the ear. These were truly game changing and were very easy for the patient to use.

    Third place: Signia Xperience.

    With a very intuitive and simple to set up App the Signia X range has proven to be a real contender in this category. A thoroughly well though through Signia app also contains the Signia Assistant and TeleCare support. Using artificial intelligence, the Signia Assistant offers immediate support whenever you need to adjust settings. The Signia app acts like an audiologist in your pocket

    Buying a Bluetooth Hearing Aid

    Wholesale Hearing’s team of expert audiologists have thoroughly researched the market, working with a vast range of customers and manufacturers to fine tune the best audio experience. We strive to source market leading solutions and program them to your speficic needs to ensure they perform as they should.

    Buy your new bluetooth hearing aids with confidence from Wholesale Hearing. Our professional audiologists are on hand to offer clear advice on the latest hearing aids from the best manufacturers. Contact us today to find out more.
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