Choosing the Right Hearing Aid Batteries


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Hearing Aid Battery Quick Points

  • Hearing aid batteries such as the Rayovac 312 will typically last between 3-10 days based on use
  • There are 4 typical sizes of hearing aid battery, differentiated by coloured tab. Different sizes fit different models, depending on size and hearing aid features
  • Batteries can drain quickly - and usually at the worst times!
  • Rechargeable hearing aids can save money in the long term

The Importance of Your Hearing Aid Battery

We’ve all had some experience of losing power at the worst possible time. Your phone battery dies while you’re out trying to make plans with friends. Your car battery dies just as you pull onto the motorway. In these circumstances, a resolution is usually close at hand. But where a hearing aid user loses power, it can completely disable the ability to communicate, stripping away a key sense. Hearing aid batteries are easy to replace, however battery life can vary. From buying the right battery, to the potential of switching to rechargeable hearing aids, we can help you buy and advise on best practices for hearing aid battery maintenance.

Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aid batteries come in different sizes, by different numbers. Different batteries are required based on the size and functionality of the hearing aid device, for example one which requires higher digital processing requires a stronger hearing aid battery. The different sizes of hearing aid batteries reflect the capacity and power - and of course picking the right brand will be a reflection on the hearing aid battery quality and longevity.

Typically these batteries, such as the Rayovac hearing aid battery, come in 4 different sizes:

Due to international regulations and standards, these batteries are colour coded for distinction. The sizes of hearing batteries are standardised so they will fit most hearing aids worldwide, however they are not interchangeable so it is important to know what battery fits your device. Although it may seem reasonable that a larger battery will last longer, the longevity of hearing aid batteries depends on each device and how much power it uses.

Battery Type

Colour Tab

Battery Size

Size 10 or 230


5.8mm diameter by 3.6mm height

Size 312


7.8mm diameter by 3.6mm height

Size 13


7.8mm diameter by 5.4mm height

Size 675


11.6mm diameter by 5.4mm height

How long do hearing aid batteries last?

Hearing aid batteries will typically last between 3 and 10 days depending on many things, for example how much power the device uses, what functions the device utilises power for, and the overall quality of the battery. It is always important to keep your hearing aids dry and clean, as exposure to water or dirt can corrode hearing aid batteries faster. Although it is not advisable to remove the hearing aid battery each night, simply opening the battery compartment overnight will allow any moisture, for example from sweating, to escape the device.

What type of hearing aid batteries do you sell?

At Wholesale Hearing, we supply Rayovac hearing aid batteries. Rayovac batteries are zinc-air batteries, meaning they require oxygen from the air in order to switch on and begin generating power. The Rayovac hearing aid battery range are all sealed with small tabs, meaning the battery does not react with the air until it has been pulled to activate. This preserves the battery power until each one is ready to be used. Particularly where you are planning a trip, this tabbed type of battery makes it easy to bring and store spares.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Although many devices today are still heavily reliant on interchangeable hearing aid batteries, there are more rechargeable hearing aid models coming onto the market. With the rechargeable element, hearing aids can last for longer and without the added expense of supplies of hearing aid batteries. Much in the same way very old hearing aid models used AA batteries; rechargeable hearing aids are proving the natural evolution to (now) standard hearing aid batteries.

The Phonak Paradise Life is one such rechargeable hearing aid model which excels both in battery management and prime functionality. As the first model available also as a waterproof hearing aid, the Paradise Life is an excellent investment in hearing quality with the strong rechargeable function.

Using the Phonak Charging Case, hearing aids can be maintained and charged with security and ease. The Phonak Charging Case is compatible with all Audeo hearing aid devices, including the Paradise Life, giving a terrific and efficient charging experience in power management for hearing aid users.

Hearing Aid Batteries at Wholesale Hearing

Our team of audiologists are on hand to help you find the right hearing aid device for you. Whether you are looking to compliment your current device with the right hearing aid, or looking to switch to a more environmentally and user friendly rechargeable model, we can help. At Wholesale Hearing, we offer the best hearing aid devices available and a range of Rayovac hearing aid batteries, all available at exceptional prices with quick delivery.

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