Hearing Aids That Support An Active Lifestyle


Niamh Harnett


Hearing aids can make an impressive difference to your quality of life and today people use these listening devices more and more in varying instances. 

Today’s hearing aids are designed to suit you and your individual needs. Those with active lifestyles now have more choices than ever when it comes to choosing their devices. Hearing aids for active lifestyles are equipped with special features designed to keep you moving and both your health and hearing in tip-top shape.

Consider your needs…

Do you like to run? Are you a keen swimmer? What about hiking? Golf? 

Even if your choice of activity is just keeping fit at the gym your hearing is an integral part of your experience. Typically, our choice of activities is also a chance to be social, so it would be nice if we could hear well in these situations. 

When choosing the right hearing aid, you need to think carefully about how these devices are going to fit into your life. Thankfully technology means that’s now easier than ever. 

Water-Resistant Hearing Aids…

Most activities will involve some level of exertion resulting in sweat and moisture. You will need to consider the level of water resistance you will require of your hearing aids. 

Most hearing aids have a certain level of water resistance and boast an IP68 rating which is supposed to be good enough for 30 minutes under 3ft of water. Both Resound and Signia have models that they highly recommend for those interested in activities such as sailing and boating.

The Signia Motion Charge & Go SP 7X BTE is a premium 5-star hearing aid model from the Signia family. With dedicated volume control, water-resistant coating and rechargeable batteries these impressive devices are compatible with both Android and iPhone and make great companions when you decide to set sail.  

Phonak are also launching their Phonak Paradise Life hearing aids which they say will be the first waterproof rechargeable hearing aids.  

Most of the devices that are suitable for activities such as sailing and boating are BTE or RIC, however, if discretion is what you’re after there may be a model for you. Make sure to get in touch with one of our advisors if you’d like to know more.

Hearing Aids Suitable for the Outdoors…

If you find yourself active in the outdoors or your work finds you spending a lot of time in the elements your hearing loss will have certain needs. 

You can be faced with rain, dust and wind which are all generally unfriendly to hearing aids. Most hearing devices with an IP68 rating handle rain quite well however they might not be the best when dealing with windy conditions. Wind can be extremely annoying for hearing aid wearers, as it blows across the microphones and can be irritating to the ear. 

The Phonak Audeo Paradise P90 is a great option for those looking for a hearing aid that suits their active lifestyle. Phonak continue to push the boundaries of hearing technology to create a hearing aid solution that delivers excellent sound quality, is easy to use and provides a sense of security and well-being. 

They also have a Speech in Wind feature on some of their hearing aids which could be beneficial to those ready to test out some new devices. 

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We are happy to help you find a provider close to you, no matter where you are in the world. 

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