Struggling To Hear in Social Situations over Christmas


Niamh Harnett


Hearing aids are important for everyone to have the best quality of hearing possible. There’s loads of reasons why our hearing can deteriorate - old age, medical conditions such as Tinnitus, loud workplaces - but there is no reason why you can’t enjoy excellent hearing again. A hearing aid can give people confidence and freedom, and with busier-than-normal periods around the holidays, there is never a better time to invest in hearing better.

Hearing loss affects people of all ages. Whether the effects of hearing loss are temporary or permanent, the impact on day to day life can be significant. Christmas, even at a time where Covid restrictions are constantly changing, is a time where families come together, where businesses have work parties, and where dinner tables are busier than usual.

With increased capacity, any social situation can become much louder and difficult for people to hear. This can be isolating and frustrating for many as we seek to connect with friends and family in what should be a relaxing environment. It can be a hassle for us to constantly ask people to speak up or repeat themselves, or to feel on the outside for games or dinner table chatter.

If you were struggling to read your Christmas cards, you’d get glasses. There should be no difference in finding a cosmetic and highly beneficial solution to conditions affecting your hearing.

Hearing aids have come on a long way in both technology and in size & style. Invisible hearing aids which are receiver-in-canal are no bigger or more noticeable than wearing Air Pods. With many options for rechargeable hearing aids, bluetooth connectivity, and a variety of colours and styles, the personalisation and adaptability of hearing aids available is huge.

Popular models such as the Phonak Paradise are leading the way in sleek design and functionality in hearing aids. Phonak’s Naída Paradise provides direct connectivity to your iOS®, Android™ or other Bluetooth®-enabled devices - allowing for up to eight Bluetooth-enabled devices to be paired. This enhances your listening experience, making it easy to switch from listening to music to answering a call.

By using a hearing aid, fine tuned by our audiologists to your hearing prescription, you can unlock confidence in any hearing situation over the holidays. From the noisy, bustling Christmas office to the chatty dinner table, our customers have all invested in hearing better in any situation. Contact us today to purchase your new hearing aid and start your journey to hearing better this year and beyond.

We are happy to help you find a provider close to you, no matter where you are in the world. 

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