Phonak Marvel Bolero

With Phonak Bolero,  Phonak has pushed the boundaries of hearing technology in their hearing aids to create a solution that delivers excellent sound quality, is easy to use and provides a true sense of well-being.

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  • Phonak’s Marvel technology arrived in 2018. The technology builds exceptional performance into hearing-aid receivers, pushing the boundaries on sound quality and speech clarity.
  • The Phonak Marvel technology in our hearing aid accessories allow the best connection to TV’s, SmartApps, and ensures you don’t have to strain to hear every sound your ears desire.
  • Our Phonak Marvel range includes some of our most popular and cost-effective hearing aids, such as the Phonak Bolero B90.

  • Rechargeable technology ensures you are never without the ability to hear and is available in our Phonak charging case range. Simply place the hearing aids in your Phonak charging case and wait until the devices are charged. Use the myPhonak app to determine how much charge your hearing aids have left.
  • Charging the hearing aids for 3 hours can give a full day’s worth of high quality listening power, or if time is of the essence, a quick half-hour charge will provide up to 6 hours of high quality performance.
  • Phonak uses lithium-ion to ensure a long and reliable hearing-aid battery life. This can allow the batteries to last approximately the full life of the hearing-aids themselves before needing fully replaced - up to 6 years in some cases.
  • Our rechargeable Phonak hearing aids range from £689.95 to £1144.99.

  • Roger wireless technology sets the standard in digital audio quality. Phonak bluetooth hearing aids can connect wirelessly to Roger microphones. Meaning audio can be streamed directly from the microphone to the hearing aid with no middle device required.
  • This is all done with exceptional quality, even at distances up to 50 metres and in busy environments.
  • Roger microphones can also be plugged directly into your television to ensure the best audio quality from your favourite shows.
  • RogerDirect ™ is compatible with Phonak Bolero B30, B50, B70, B90.

  • Tinnitus is defined as the presence of a sound, usually a ringing or buzzing in your ear, without the presence of an external source for that sound.
  • Even though there is no cure for Tinnitus, all of our Phonak Bolero models come with Tinnitus Balance technology.
  • The tinnitus balance noise generator amplifies a sound to provide distraction from the ringing or buzzing, lessening the tinnitus symptoms.
  • Phonak Target is a software that can be used by your hearing care professional to adjust the levels of the amplified sound.