The Best Features of the New Resound OMNIA


Niamh Harnett


Resound has released its new hearing aid model for 2022 - the Resound OMNIA. Although it looks very similar to the Resound ONE model, the new features, both inside and out can make all the difference to your everyday life. 

The Resound OMNIA can be placed up there with the other best hearing aids of 2022 and is a great choice for anyone looking for a best-in-class hearing aid packed with features.

New Features of the Resound OMNIA:

1. The Best Speech Understanding

Speech understanding lies at the foundation of why hearing aids play such a vital part in our everyday lives. The Resound OMNIA features the best speech understanding of any existing Resound hearing aid on the market, meaning you can hear through the noise and not miss out on a moment of gossip with family and friends.

2. All-Weatherproof Technology

Previously, some hearing aids couldn't cope with getting too wet or delivered very muffled sounds in high wind. The new Resound OMNIA can be worn in any weather, wind, rain or shine, so you can wear them while it's raining or out on a run.

3. 'Check My Fit'

When hearing aids aren't inserted or worn properly, it can leave room for sounds to escape. With a simple photo and a quick turn of the head you can make sure you are wearing your Resound hearing aids properly, leaving nowhere for sounds to go apart from into your ear.

4. Bluetooth Streaming

Bluetooth has become a core part of hearing aid technology. The Resound OMNIA can connect to Phones, tablets and our range of Resound accessories to enhance your experience with Resound even further.

Explore the new Resound OMNIA hearing aid at Wholesale Hearing where you can find some of the best resound hearing aid prices. When you buy your hearing aid with us, it's just the start of your journey. We will be on hand for any aftercare questions, repairs and any other queries you have about your hearing aids.

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