The Best Hearing Aids in 2022


Niamh Harnett


Our top picks of the very latest in hearing aid technology! 2022 is already shaping up to be a very exciting time in the world of hearing aids. Technology continues to advance and offers patients superior sound quality, adjustability and wireless connectivity to phones, hearing aid accessories and more.

Our expert panel of audiologists have been working with all the leading manufacturers and have fitted thousands of the very latest hearing aids – here is their top picks across some of the key categories:

Best Bluetooth Hearing Aids: Phonak Paradise

Need a hearing aid that can connect wirelessly to your iPhone, your android smartphone, or all your other tech? A bluetooth hearing aid will wirelessly connect your hearing aids to devices to enhance the sound, comfort, and convenience wherever you are. Read our detailed analysis of the best bluetooth hearing aids on the market for more products and information.

Best Rechargeable Hearing Aids: ReSound One

Increased features, smaller size - the new range of hearing aids are packing more in, and with that, need the battery to continue providing sound excellence for longer. Find out more about rechargeable hearing aids and see which other top products made our list.
Resound hearing aids also connect to the Resound smartphone app, where you can monitor battery levels, manage tinnitus symptoms with a noise generator and preset settings that tailor to specific environments.

Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus: Signia Xperience

Tinnitus is a managed condition affecting hearing, usually a ringing or buzzing effect in the ears which will increasingly come and go. Our team are constantly reviewing the market to find the best hearing aids to help with tinnitus and improve hearing quality. Read more on our top picks here.
The Signia Xperience also connects to the Signia App where you can control directional hearing (specific directions from which the main sounds are coming), control the Signia Streamline TV accessory and get help from the Signia artificial intelligent assistant.

Release of The Year: Signia Active Pro

The Signia Active and Active Pro hearing aid was designed to be a far more discreet solution to hearing loss while still retaining all the best features you want from a hearing device.
The Active models can deliver crisp quality sound, stream bluetooth audio, be recharged using the dedicated charging case while looking just like headphones. The Signia Actives hone in on the sounds you need to hear without them being drowned out by wind noise as you run or cycle, making them a fantastic option for anyone who cares greatly about their physical health.

Picking the Best Hearing Aid for You

With all large purchases it's well worth the time to research the market thoroughly to assess and discover which hearing aids will work best for your specific needs. Finding a trustworthy, reputable and technically skilled audiologist makes a huge difference to the success you will achieve. The audiologist should know the market well and be able to quickly filter out solutions that won’t do the job, leading you to the correct solutions and then ensuring they perform as they should.

If you have any questions about hearing aids we are here to help and offer you unbiased information on all of the latest hearing aids from the best manufacturers. Feel free to get in touch and we will hopefully help you avoid making costly mistakes and wasting valuable time.

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