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At Wholesale Hearing, we have a expert audiologists who can provide you with remote care throughout your hearing aid journey with us. In order for our audiologists to help you get the most out of your hearing aids, there is a simple process that this article will guide you through. The process involves having a hearing test, choosing a hearing aid and sending us your hearing test results, then you can enjoy getting continuous support from our experts.

Your Hearing Test

At Wholesale Hearing, your hearing is our top priority and if you are struggling, we will help you to find a reliable local provider for a the most accurate results. Always ensure that your hearing test is carried out by a reputable source. Simply contact us here if you need assistance.

As online hearing tests only offer an indicative result and are not accurate enough to identify underlying issues or diagnose causes of hearing loss, we do not offer online assessments.

Choosing a Hearing Aid

There are two types of hearing aids: Receiver In Canal (RIC) and Behind The Ear (BTE) hearing aids. Depending on the cause or severity of your hearing loss, either RIC or BTE hearing aids will be better for certain conditions such as Tinnitus. Make sure to consult our Audiologists for the best advice.

Choose from our wide range of market leading hearing aids. Once you have placed your order, our audiologists will ask you to email your hearing test results to us and will guide you through the fitting choices of your chosen devices. They will then programme your new hearing aids to your specific needs and wants.

Sending Us Your Hearing Test Results

One common misconception of hearing test results is that the company who administered the hearing test will not hand over your results to you. As a customer, regardless of whether the test was paid for or not, you are legally entitled to the audiogram of your hearing test if you request it.

You can submit your hearing test results here, where our team of Audiologists will review them and work with you to fine tune your hearing aids to best suit your level of hearing loss.

Ensure that your hearing test has occurred within 6 months of you sending us your results in order to achieve the most reliable care.

The hearing test results that you send to us must include both measures of Air Conduction and Bone conduction within your ears.

Air Conduction

When you perceive sounds in everyday life, this is a result of sound waves flowing through the air, into your ear canal and down through the middle and inner ear. An air conduction test usually consists of a sound being played into your ear. If you can hear the sound, you can press a button to signify this. A quieter sound is then played with each subsequent press of the button until the sound is no longer audible to you.

Air conduction on its own cannot tell whether the hearing loss is a result of the middle or inner ear. This is where Bone Conduction comes into play.

Bone Conduction

Bone conduction is a measure of inner ear functionality. The test is very similar to that of Air Conduction with one small difference. A small device is placed behind your ear and the vibration of this device causes your inner ear to also vibrate as this is connected to the inner ear bone.

Analysing the results of both of these measures can help determine which part of the ear is causing the hearing loss while also helping us determine the type of hearing loss you have.

You will receive your new hearing aids direct to your door with free shipping, fully programmed and ready to wear in 1-2 weeks. Your initial programming will work well for you but if you would like to have your fitting verified you can book a free appointment with our audiologists for remote programming.

We are happy to help you find a provider close to you, no matter where you are in the world. 

You may also be interested in our article on hearing aid prices, and how to make sure you get what you pay for. 

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